GoldKey Secure Cloud Services

This is no ordinary cloud.  The CybrSec Cloud was developed for applications that require extreme security and extreme performance for secure, fast, and reliable data storage.

CybrSec Cloud with fsix Servers

CybrSecurity Corporation owns and operates a high-security, high-performance cloud service for mission critical applications.  The entire CybrSec Cloud service is operated on very special servers designed and manufactured by the fsix®division of the company.

The fsix servers are very secure with b² Cryptography built into the hardware, and the very important CPU quarantine feature which prevents malware from being able to take control of the system.  Other high-performance features include a separate UPS built into every server and nano-latency networking.

CybrSec Cloud with b² Cryptography

By integrating the CybrSec Cloud with b² Cryptography, users are able to control access to Cloud resources using the same hierarchy and security structure used to control access to facilities and other computer resources.  Data is hardware encrypted at the point of origin and remains encrypted during transmission and storage.  The data is stored with zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that while CybrSec can store and manage the data, it does not have the ability to read or decrypt the data.

GoldKey® USB Tokens


The CybrSec Cloud is very fast.  All networking inside the data center operates at nano-latencies utilizing a technology developed under contract with the US military.  Moving data with equipment that performs orders of magnitude faster than conventional network equipment results in performance benefits visible to the end user.  The nano-latency networking equipment is manufactured by CybrSecurity Corporation in its WideBand® networking equipment division.